Fallout 76's Treasure Hunter Event Gets Updated with New Rewards

If you've been playing Fallout 76 for a while now, you've most likely taken part in the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event at some point. This is the one where players have to hunt down Treasure Hunter Mole Miners to claim their Mole Miner Pails which can then be cracked open some new loot. It's an even that's been around a couple of times by now and is back again, but this time, it's been updated with new rewards.

Bethesda teased the changes made in the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event this week in the game's most recent Inside the Vault post. Though players who've taken part in this event more than once might've seen many of the rewards the Treasure Hunter event has to offer, it's thankfully been refreshed with some new loot to hope for.

"We've added several new rewards to the 'Hunt for the Treasure Hunter' loot pool, including the Cursed Sickle weapon, as well as new plans for items you can build in your C.A.M.P," Bethesda said about the updated event. "So, be on the lookout for Treasure Hunter Mole Miners to maximize your chances at getting the new rewards before the event ends on Monday."

Aside from those changes, this is still the same old Treasure Hunter event players will already be familiar with. Find the Mole Miners, take their Pails, and get rewarded with loot. For pacifists or those overflowing with Caps, you can also craft your own Pails for some extra loot.

"Dwellers, it's up to you fight off any Treasure Hunters you spot during your adventures this weekend, reclaim the gear they've plundered, and send them fleeing back underground," Bethesda said to remind players what the event consists of. "As always, whenever you take down a Treasure Hunter Mole Miner, you'll be able to claim a Mole Miner Pail that you can open to claim their loot for yourself. If you've got some extra Caps to spare, you can also visit vendors around Appalachia to pick up some Empty Mole Miner Pails. Stop by a Tinker's Workbench to fill your empty Pails, and then open them to get even more goodies."


This event is one of several that's featured in Fallout 76 from time to time. The roadmap revealed previously shows the schedule for more events like this one that'll transpire from now until the end of the year at which point we'll get another roadmap showing what's to come.