Fallout 76 Gets a New Event Calendar

Fallout 76 players just recently got their first look at the game's 2022 roadmap to reveal all of the big releases that Bethesda has planned from now until the end of the year. Exact release dates for all of those features, events, and other releases weren't provided, but players also got another roadmap of sorts this week that has a much more definite schedule it'll follow. That second, smaller "roadmap" is the latest Community Calendar for Spring 2022 which equates to a calendar of events that'll show what's going to happen from now until the start of July.

That calendar can be seen below courtesy of the game's most recent Inside the Vault post where it was shared towards the bottom of Betesda's updates for the week. March is naturally highlighted since it's the next month of events to look forward to and is a bit more specific in what it'll bring. It's headlined by the Invaders from Beyond update that we've already seen showcased more than once, but in Community Calendars like this, we're here for the smaller events.


March's events include a seasonal event tied to Invaders from Beyond as well as some extra challenges. After those plans die down, we'll get back to the normal events that occur ever so often like the sale on Legendary items courtesy of Minerva as well as a Double Mutations Weekend and a Double Score Weekend to help finish out the month.

Throughout the next three months of April, May, and June, we'll see more of the same with the smaller weekly and weekend events rotating in and out as players wait for the next big release. That'll come in June when a new update is dropped along with the start of the next season. Around that time, we can assume that we'll get another calendar just like this one to preview what's going to be coming for the summer.

Bethesda's been pretty consistent about releasing these sorts of roadmaps on schedule be they for the smaller events like these or the larger plans for the year such as major updates, so Fallout 76 players won't have to do much guesswork when wondering what's planned.