Fallout 76's Next Update Will Change Some of Vault 94's Rewards

Fallout 76’s last big update marked its first foray into the world of Vault Raids when Vault 94 opened its doors to players for the first time. Like any new feature, it was met with some praise and some criticism with some of the latter being centered around the rewards earned from different missions. In Fallout 76’s next update, Bethesda will address some of these rewards and will take a look at other Vault-related problems that need fixing.

The plans for the next stages of Vault 94 were outlined in the latest Inside the Vault post where Bethesda previewed some of what players will find in Patch 13. At the top of that list was the subject of Vault 94’s rewards which Bethesda is currently evaluating. Experience values gained are also being looked at with more details coming as the patch’s release approaches.

“We are currently evaluating our Vault Mission rewards, and we are going to make a couple of changes in our next update,” Bethesda’s Inside the Vault post said. “As mentioned last week, Patch 13 fixes the bug that caused the Drill to show up in the legendary loot list. We're also looking to increase the amounts of XP, components, and aid items you earn when completing a Mission, and we will have more details on that as we get closer to the patch.”

The Drill mentioned in the statement above is a reference to what’s probably the most disappointing reward a player can get from completing missions within the Vault. Just over a week ago, a player shared an image that showed them receiving a Drill while their teammates were all gifted rare, legendary items. Bethesda previously addressed this issue in an update on the status of Vault 94.


“On the topic of rewards, we've also seen some reports of non-legendary items, like Drills, being awarded in place of a starred legendary item,” Bethesda said previously. “This is not intended, and we are planning to fix this with a future update.”

Patch 13 doesn’t yet have a release date, but expect Bethesda to share more details about its plans for Fallout 76 before the update is released.

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