Fallout Stars Talk Their Hopes for Season 2

Fallout's Moises Arias and Sarita Choudhury talk about their Season 2 plans.

Prime Video's newest hit series, Fallout, is thankfully going to be returning for a second season. Amazon announced the official renewal of the video game adaptation about a week after its premiere, confirming that the stories of the Wasteland would continue. Fans were certainly excited to hear the news, because most of the characters in the show had open endings at the conclusion of Season 1, leaving a lot up in the air.

As far as what's in store for different characters in Season 2, it seems the actors on the series don't have the full picture for their characters just yet. Speaking to ComicBook.com about the series, Moises Arias admitted that he hasn't been told what's next for Norm after his specific cliffhanger ending, but he does have some ideas.

"I haven't. I speculated, but at the end of the day, speculation is gonna lead nowhere," Arias told us. "I'm just prepared for anything. It's a predicament to say the least. He has a couple of options. They don't look great. But, yeah I think everyone's in a predicament, to be honest."

A major part of Norm's story heading in to the second season will be discovering the truth behind his father's role in the vault, a mystery that he already started uncovering at the end of Season 1.

"If we get the chance to do Season 2, I think he's sort of deciphering that on his own," Arias said of Hank's big secret. "Maybe not quite to the level that Lucy has because it was told to her face. But I think that Norm has an intelligence that will allow him to sort of understand what the situation is."

There is also a lot of story left when it comes to the character Muldaver, who dies at the end of the Season 1 finale. That said, there's a ton of story left for the character in the 2077 flashback timeline of the show, and a lot of questions about how she spent the 200 years since 2077.

Sarita Choudhury, who plays Muldaver in the series, told us that she has been given some information about her character's journey throughout the Fallout timeline.

"So part of it is not a mystery, but part of it is," she said. "You can imagine the questions I was asking [showrunners] Geneva [Robertson-Dworet] and Graham [Wagner]. And on set they would come, and you'd see the actors idle up to them hoping for a morsel. They're amazing people and you could tell they wanted to give and they would for you to do the scene at hand, but it was tricky. So I know some, but they nod like a priest at moments where they're not giving it to you, but you feel like you've been blessed and you walk away. It's very confusing."

Choudhury did add that she believes there Muldaver should return in Season 2, given how much of her story is left to tell.

"If there's a Season 2, I'm just gonna stand outside that studio. I don't see why not? Do you?"