Far Cry 5: Deluxe Edition Gets Official Details


Last week, Ubisoft officially unveiled Far Cry 5, the latest chapter in its ongoing open-world adventure series. This time around, though, the game will be taking place here in America, where you'll be battling against a deadly religious cult in the heart of Montana.

Along with the general release that's set to arrive this February, Ubisoft has also detailed a special Deluxe Edition of the game on its European web store, which will retail for $89.99 and will also include the Season Pass, which will add extra content to the game. (The Season Pass has not been detailed just yet, but more information could come next month during its pre-E3 press conference.)

As for what's currently included in the Gold Edition of the game (as well as its Digital Deluxe Edition, also going for $90), here's a full breakdown:

Physical Content

  • Far Cry 5 game with special Deluxe key art.
  • A double-sided tourist map of Hope County featuring point of interest and key locations
  • The Original Soundtrack of the Game

Digital Content

The Digital Deluxe Pack which includes early access to a range of equipment, vehicles, weapons, and consumables to lead the resistance and fight against The Project at Eden's Gate.

  • The Big Game Hunter Pack gives the player access to the Big Game Hunter Compound Bow, the Big Game Hunter ATV, and the Big Game Hunter Outfit.
  • The Ace Pilot Pack gives the player access to the Ace Pilot 1911 handgun, the Ace Pilot Helicopter, and the Ace Pilot Outfit.
  • The Explosive Pack: A full package of additional consumables with 4x Dynamite, 4x C4, 4x Grenades and 4x Proximity Mines.
  • The Chaos Pack: A full package of additional consumables with 4x Fast Buffs, 4x Furious Buffs, 4x Molotov Cocktails and 4x Animal Bait.
  • AR-C Assault Rifle & .44 Magnum Handgun with unique skins

Gamestop also has the game up for pre-order, and those that do so can score a color-changing cult mug free of charge upon picking up the game. Other pre-order offers are expected in the months ahead, so keep an eye open.

Far Cry 5 will release on February 27th, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.