International FIFA Tournament Moved to Xbox After Continual PSN Outages

PlayStation 4 owners have been expressing the frustration a lot lately after multiple PSN outages. PlayStation Network was up and down with unfortunate frequency over the weekend, with some outages lasting several hours at a time. The launch of Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ mean tons of players were out of luck during what should have been a massive weekend of online gaming, but you guys weren't the only ones affected. An international FIFA tournament had to change its plans on the fly due to PSN's instability.

This past weekend in Barcelona, Donovan Hunt won the FUT Champions Cup. It was a big game on the way to the eventual FIFA eWorld Cup, but Donovan wasn't exactly in his comfort zone. This is a global online tournament, and while Donovan usually plays FIFA on PS4, PSN outages forced him to finish up the competition on Xbox. This, in spite of Sony having an official deal with FIFA to play these tournament games on PlayStation.

The official Futhead tweet invited some savage comments and responses from console warriors around the world, and it was not pretty! Every console has its share of online and networking woes, but this couldn't have happened at a worse time for Sony. Of course, there was one Xbox executive who noticed what was going on, and he just had to chime in:

It wasn't much, and it wasn't mean, but you guys know exactly what he was doing. That was the equivalent of the eyeballs emoji. He was effectively saying to everyone, "Yeah, we see what's happening. Good game, Sony, we'll take it from here." It was a much tamer that what we saw from teh rest of the comments section:

Thankfully the PSN issues have since been resolved, but there's no denying that this was a major blow to its rep.


(via Eurogamer / ResetEra)