Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Players Discover "Absolutely Brilliant' Detail in Final Boss Fight

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's final boss fight is great in more than one way.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been out on PS5 since the end of February. That said, it is a very long game. At the bare minimum, you can expect to put almost 50 hours into the RPG just to mainline it. If you want to experience the majority of side content, you will almost need to double this amount of time. Meanwhile, if you are a completionist, you will need to set aside roughly 150 hours. Suffice to say, there are many who own the game who still haven't beaten it, including those who picked it up at launch. It's a long game. 

One of the reasons it is a long game is because of the amount of content packed into it, but not only that, but the amount of detail in this content that will no doubt catch your eye and most likely slow you down. To this end, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth players over on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reddit page have discovered an "absolutely brilliant" detail in the final boss fight. Naturally, if you are still grinding the games dozens and dozens and dozens of hours of content and haven't beaten it yet, then be warned that there are some MAJOR SPOILERS below. 

"In the fight right after the Aerith scene, the whole party has their Limit gauge maxed out," reads the Reddit post in question. "The idea of 'Limit' in this franchise correlated to how driven / angry a character is, hence why your Limit is primarily charged by taking damage. Everyone is understandably riled up after Aerith's death... everyone expect Cloud, as from his POV, he stopped Sephiroth from killing Aerith, he's relatively calm and composed going into the Jenova fight. I think it's a really great example of using gameplay mechanics and stats to illustrate a characters mindset at a point in time."

(Photo: Redit)

Of course, some players had already noticed/discovered this detail, but many of the comments -- as well as the number of votes up -- reveal many PS5 players didn't. And considering the Reddit page houses some of the game's most hardcore fans, it is safe to assume this applies to the larger player base at an even higher rate. That said, and as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Did you notice this detail? If not, what do you think about it and some of the other tiny, but great details hiding in the PS5 RPG?