New Square Enix Tease Has Final Fantasy Fans Excited

It's a good time to be a Final Fantasy fan. Between the resurgence of Final Fantasy 14, the recent Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and the imminent Final Fantasy 16, it hasn't been this good to be a Final Fantasy fan in a while actually. And the good times aren't coming to an end anytime soon. During a recent earnings call with investors, Square Enix revealed it's releasing several new titles this fiscal year centered around major franchises. Adding to this, it is noted that this year is the 35-year anniversary of Final Fantasy, and to this end, Square Enix teased Final Fantasy news this month or next. 

What exactly this news will be, it obviously doesn't say. However, Square Enix did tease that the newest Final Fantasy 16 trailer has been seen internally. In other words, a new trailer is ready and is likely a component of this "news." According to Square Enix, there are "high expectations" for the new title. 

In addition to Final Fantasy 16, the big game in the pipeline is the second part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which we've yet to see, but there have been rumblings this could change this year. 

If you peep the quote tweets for the tweet above you'll see this update has Final Fantasy fans excited, especially for Final Fantasy 16, which is seemingly getting a new trailer and release date soon. If you're not caught up on the latest rumors and rumblings, Final Fantasy 16 is reportedly going to release this year. This hasn't been confirmed, but we do know the PS5 exclusive is in the final stages of development, so unless something goes terribly wrong, it should be out this year.

All of that said, it's worth noting that the information above all comes through translation, which means vital meaning and context may be lost as sometimes happen through translation, especially when translating Japanese to English. 

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