First 4 Figures Offering Awesome, But Expensive, Ridley Statues From 'Metroid'

For years, we’ve always looked at Samus Aran as the iconic figure from the Metroid series. But [...]

For years, we've always looked at Samus Aran as the iconic figure from the Metroid series. But lately, there's been an interesting focus shift, as her adversary Ridley has been getting some attention. Not only has this winged creature made its way into the Smash Bros. universe with Ultimate, but now First 4 Figures are giving fans the chance to own it as its latest collectible.

The company, which has created iconic gaming statues like Banjo-Kazooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day in the past, has announced that it's offering both standard and exclusive editions of statues based on Ridley. The statues are available for pre-order, though they aren't set to ship until sometime in 2020.
First 4 Figures has poured out a lot of details about the statue, which you can find in the video above, as well as the description below:

After his revival through Pirate technology, there was only but one thing left to do: to seek revenge against that who has caused his demise. As he continues to carry out his duties, he would inevitably face the bounty hunter once again in a battle unlike any other. Now equipped with heavy armor plating and a gamut of lethal arsenals, including a Multi-Missile System, a Kinetic Breath Weapon, a Meson Bomb Launcher, and an Ultrathermal Flamestrike Projector, even the ever-skilled Samus Aran herself might be in for more than just a challenge against the mighty Meta Ridley incarnate.

Metroid Prime - Meta Ridley STANDARD edition comes with the following:

  • Metroid Prime - Meta Ridley RESIN statue
  • Glow in the Dark Wings
  • Highly detailed base inspired from the theme and style from the Metroid Prime game
  • Authentication Card
(Photo: First 4 Figures)

Meanwhile, the EXCLUSIVE edition also includes:

  • An additional Signature Card signed by Alex Davis.
  • A Signature edition Hologram Sticker.
  • Plus extra F4F Reward Points.

This is the first statue in First 4 Figures' Metroid Prime – Meta Ridley Resin Metroid Villains Statue line. The lowest numbers will be available to those who pre-order earliest, so don't delay if you wish to have the best chances of securing a low number!

Ridley 2
(Photo: First 4 Figures)

Product Size:

  • Height – 37 inches (94cm)
  • Width - 33 inches (84cm)
  • Depth - 22 inches (56cm)
  • Weight – 6.48 KG

While this would no doubt be a dream come true for Metroid fans, this could be the company's priciest statue to date. The standard edition pre-order, complete with collectible stand, goes for $599.99; while the exclusive edition, with its different wing set-up, is also that same price. If you've got steep pockets, this is for you- but otherwise, you may have to hold off.

You can pre-order at the links above. But you might want to hustle, as they're set to close sometime next month.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital form via the Nintendo eShop.

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