Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Is "Moving Rapidly Forward"

The movie adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy’s is still alive despite not much on the [...]

The movie adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy's is still alive despite not much on the production being shared recently. Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions shared an update on the status of the movie in a recent Fandom interview series where he was asked if there was anything on the film that could be shared. He described the movie as "moving rapidly forward," and while he said he wasn't ready to put a timeline on the new film just yet, he said he's quite confident that soon we'll get a Five Nights at Freddy's movie out of all of this work.

Blum was asked during the interview by 3C Films' Cris Parker about the status of the Five Nights at Freddy's movie. He responded by saying the film has been worked on for a long time now, a statement anyone who's been following along for more news will already know, and that the development is "super active." He added that he's confident that despite how the lack of information may have made it seem, he's confident we'll get a movie based on the hit horror series.

"So I really feel like we have a very good shot at getting to see a Five Nights at Freddy's movie," Blum said. "I feel like it's really moving forward. It's not stalled or anything else. It might seem that way because we haven't done any announcements about it, but it's not stalled. It's moving rapidly forward and I don't want to put a timeline on it, but soon we'll get a movie. I really feel confident about it."

So we still don't know when the movie will actually release, but we do know work is still happening on the film and that production is moving forward.

Based on what we know so far, Chris Columbus will still be the director of the film with Scott Cawthon, the creator of the first Five Nights at Freddy's game and its eventual spin-offs, is also on board as the film's writer. Cawthon said back in 2018 in an update on his projects that a script was prepared for the film, but he scrapped it.

"OK guys, I had a script written; Jason liked it, and Chris Columbus liked it too, but I tossed it," he said. "I had a different idea for it, one that I liked better. I take responsibility for this delay; it's my fault."

The Five Nights at Freddy's movie currently does not yet have a release date.

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