For Honor Adds New Shovel Knight Outfits

Despite launching over four years ago at this point, Ubisoft very much continues to support its [...]

Despite launching over four years ago at this point, Ubisoft very much continues to support its multiplayer action game For Honor on a regular basis. As of this week, however, the game has received a rather notable new update that should make fans of one of the most popular indie games around quite happy.

That's right, Shovel Knight, the titular character from the popular platforming series by Yacht Club Games, has now made his way into For Honor. For a limited time between now and March 4th, For Honor players can acquire a variety of in-game gear that is based on the shovel-wielding hero. In total, there are three different outfits tied to Shovel Knight that players can pick up.

The Stalwart Plate outfit is the first of these three character skins and is perhaps the most recognizable of the bunch. This outfit comes with the iconic blue helmet that Shovel Knight himself wears in his own video game series. Additional tattoos featuring the actual character are also present on the outfit. The Ornate Plate outfit then features a golden iteration of the same helmet. Rounding out the slate is then the Rodent Regalia which is based on some of the which is based on the propeller rat enemies that are seen throughout the series.

Last but not least, one emote has also been included in this bunch that lets players jump up and down on a shovel. The maneuver looks quite similar to the one that Shovel Knight can use upon foes in his own series. And while it's not something that can be used as an attack here in For Honor, it's a great emote that definitely captures the spirit of Shovel Knight.

Again, these outfits will only be available in For Honor for the next few weeks, so if you'd like to get them for yourself, you better hop back into the game soon. As a whole, For Honor is playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

What do you think of these new Shovel Knight outfits? Are they enough to get you to return to For Honor? Be sure to let me know down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.