Fortnite's Birthday Event Ends Soon

Fortnite’s big birthday celebration is ending tomorrow with players having just one more day to [...]

Fortnite's big birthday celebration is ending tomorrow with players having just one more day to complete their challenges and participate in the anniversary event.

Announced weeks ago with an update for Fortnite's Battle Royale and Save the World modes, the anniversary event went live with new cosmetics, limited-time items and in-game challenges that reward players with experience and birthday loot. The Battle Bus took on a new look as well, with streamers and balloons pouring out of the bus as it flew across the map.

While players have been able to complete these challenges for a while now as they take part in the birthday celebration, the event was always scheduled to end on August 7. The official Fortnite Twitter account reminded everyone on Monday of the event's conclusion while urging players to finish those last-minute challenges before thanking players for their participation.

There are three different challenges available in the Battle Royale mode, each of them simple enough to complete if you know what your objective is. Playing 14 matches will give players a bonus of 5,000 experience while dealing 1,000 damage to opponents will yield a birthday emote. The final challenge tasks players with dancing in front of different birthday cakes that are scattered around the map, this challenge being the only one that requires you to do something different than you normally would.

You've likely seen the birthday cakes around the map, but if you're trying to complete the challenge quickly and don't have time to search around, we've got a list of the cake locations right here. Completing all of these challenges will award players a birthday-themed back bling to add to their collection.

Save the World players weren't left out of the birthday celebration either. Those playing that game mode have to complete a certain quest line, and when they do, they'll obtain a currency used to buy special Birthday Llamas.

"Celebrate #Fortnite1st with cake, loot, and a special in-game questline," Fortnite's patch notes about the Save the World event said. "Complete the questline to unlock Birthday Brigade Ramirez. While you're partying, find and eat birthday cakes to earn event tickets which can be spent on the limited time Birthday Llama."

Fortnite's birthday event ends Tuesday, Aug. 7.