John Cena Teases Arrival in Fortnite

It looks like John Cena could soon come crashing into the world of Fortnite if a new tease is anything to go by. In recent months, Fortnite has continued to add a number of new character skins that are based on some of the world's most famous actors. Not only has Tom Holland come to the game in two variant outfits based on Nathan Drake and Spider-Man, but The Rock was also added earlier this month as his character The Foundation. And while it remains to be seen how Cena could fit in to Fortnite, it definitely looks like he's about to join the game in some capacity. 

Over on Cena's official Instagram page today, the former WWE World Champion posted a picture of the island from Fortnite. Cena didn't add a caption to the post, but the image alone quickly sent fans into a frenzy at the thought of him coming to the world's biggest battle royale game. Even though this Instagram post has provided more questions than answers at this point in time, it definitely seems like Epic Games and Cena could have an announcement to share in the near future. 

You can find the post for yourself right here:

Likely the biggest question from fans involving Cena's addition to Fortnite comes with how he would be implemented. Much like The Rock, would Cena be playing an original character within the world of Fortnite, or would he instead be coming to the game as a character that he plays in other media? For instance, some fans believe that Cena's titular character from the ongoing TV series, Peacemaker, could end up being the skin that ends up coming to Fortnite. Given how many collaborations Epic has had with DC Comics in the past, this crossover would make a ton of sense on paper and seems to be the most plausible option at the moment. 

What do you think this Fortnite teaser from Cena will end up resulting in? And would you buy a character skin in the game that was potentially modeled after Cena? Let me know your own reaction to this news by hitting me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12 or by leaving a comment down below.