NFL Trolls The Rock by Referring to Him as "Guy From Fortnite"

Before Super Bowl LVI kicked off last night between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson appeared at midfield to introduce both teams and hype up the ensuing matchup. The moment saw The Rock essentially cutting a promo for each team using some of his classic catchphrases that he coined during his time with the WWE. And while this introduction was adored by a number of fans who happened to be watching the game, the NFL decided to use it as a way to troll The Rock afterward. 

When uploading this introduction clip to the official NFL YouTube channel, those in charge of the National Football League's social media team opted to not put The Rock's name in the title whatsoever. Instead, it simply referred to him as the "Guy from Fortnite" giving "The Most Electrifying Introduction in Super Bowl History". This title was clearly meant to poke fun at The Rock's recent involvement in Fortnite which sees him portraying the character known as The Foundation. At the end of 2021 when Fortnite Chapter 3 began, The Rock was confirmed to be portraying The Foundation after fan theories related to this revelation had run rampant for months. 

As you might expect, fans really got a kick out of the NFL titling the video in this manner and were quick to play along with the joke in the comments. "I can't believe they made the Rock from Fortnite into a real person so fast! He just came out a week ago," said one of the top comments on the video, referring to the recent release of The Foundation in Fortnite at the start of this month. "Whoever is running this account needs a raise ASAP," another comment went on to say. 

At this point in time, The Rock himself hasn't responded to the NFL having some fun with him in this way, but he did express that doing the introduction meant a lot to him. "My long time dream was to have a career in the NFL and win a Super Bowl. I failed at that. But last night my dream came true in a different way," he said on Twitter when talking about the opening segment. "Thank you NFL, players/coaches for the amazing love and trust. Thank [you] fans for the insane positive energy."