Leaked Fortnite Weapon Hints Again at Naruto Crossover

Fortnite has not yet gotten its long-awaited Naruto crossover that's been hinted at more than once over the past couple of months, but a newly leaked weapon may give us our best indication yet that it is, in fact, a real crossover that's happening. A weapon that's being referred to now as an "Explosive Kunai" has been unearthed from the game's files and is expected to be part of whatever else Fortnite has planned for Naruto.

Just like the crossover overall, the weapon itself has been hinted at before in Fortnite, but its stats have now been uncovered from the game's files, too. Given that it now has stats assigned to it, that's a better indication that its release is approaching. Fortnite dataminer HYPEX shared the stats below to show what it's capable of and speculated that the weapon could be released in Fortnite's next big update now that it's been referenced in the files.

One key component missing from the leaked stats is the amount of damage that it can do, but judging from the stats that have been revealed so far, it already looks like it'll be quite the weapon to contend with if and when it's added. It's meant to be a Mythic item, according to the leaks, and with a range of 300 meters and some pretty low cooldowns all around, it's a weapon that can be used repeatedly and at a surprisingly long distance. How much damage it does and what its ammo situation looks like will likely be the determining factors regarding how OP this weapon is.

Not long ago, another Fortnite leak possibly related to Naruto gave fans of the character renewed hope for the crossover after things had been quiet on that front for a while. The leak referenced an NPC named "Headband" in the game's files, though like most names in Fortnite, that one was a codename. It could be a reference to Naruto, some speculated, though any character could put on a headband and adopt that nickname, too.

Epic Games has not yet formally announced a Naruto crossover in Fortnite, so we'll have to wait and see if these weapons and the character himself are added in a future update.