Fortnite Leak Gives Players New Hope for Naruto

Fortnite players who double as Naruto fans have long been looking forward to the character's potential arrival in the battle royale game, and thanks to a new leak from datamining efforts, hope for the character's cameo may have been renewed. People have discovered a referenced to an unreleased Fortnite NPC that references a headband of sorts, a reference that's immediately led to heightened expectations for Naruto to make an appearance.

HYPEX, the Fortnite dataminer who frequently shares discoveries like this one after looking through the game's files, tweeted on Saturday that they'd come across an NPC referenced as part of the most recent Fortnite update. Though there wasn't any other info included in the files about the NPC beyond the codename used to reference them, the name being "Headband" was enough to inspire assumptions about Naruto.

The character's full codename is actually "HeadbandK," HYPEX clarified afterwards, which does make the Naruto conclusions a bit trickier than if it were just "Headband" alone. Without knowing who this NPC might be, however, Naruto is as good of a guess as any right now.

While Naruto is still just a suspicion and a hope for some, other crossovers are much more guaranteed. Batman, for example is going to be making another appearance soon in Fortnite, though it won't be the Batman people probably think of first. Instead, it'll be the Batman Who Laughs variant, a DC character who will be coming to Fortnite as part of a crossover opportunity tied to the next Batman/Fortnite comic. The character will come with his own set of cosmetics, too, beyond just the skin itself.

Along with that skin, there are more to come in the future as well as part of some upcoming events. As usual, those skins have leaked ahead of schedule to show what they'll look like, but Epic Games has not yet announced the arrival of each of them in the Item Shop. There's reason to believe that a Fortnite crossover with Spider-Man could be happening, too, but like Naruto's cameo, that one hasn't yet been confirmed.