Fortnite Leak Apparently Reveals Plans for Naruto Uzumaki Skin

A skin based on Naruto Uzumaki is apparently planned to release in Fortnite sometime this year. [...]

A skin based on Naruto Uzumaki is apparently planned to release in Fortnite sometime this year. The court case between Apple and Epic Games began earlier today, and an in-house presentation from the latter company was made public, as a result. The presentation includes a lot of information about Epic Games' future plans, including several unannounced Fortnite skins. The protagonist of the Naruto manga and anime is one of those skins, appearing prominently in the in-house document. Unfortunately, no release window or further information has been revealed, as of this writing. Naruto fans will just have to see what comes next!

The presentation document was shared by The Verge and can be found right here. Naruto Uzomaki appears on page 59, but there is not an image of the skin. Instead, all that has been included is a generic image of the character from the anime series. It's entirely possible that the character model hasn't even been created for the game just yet. However, none of the other skins revealed in the document had any kind of character models, either.

Given the popularity of Naruto, it's not surprising that a skin based on the titular hero of the series could appear in Fortnite. Since its debut in 1999, Naruto has become one of the best-selling manga series of all-time. The worldwide appeal of Naruto makes it the perfect candidate for a Fortnite crossover, and it seems like a lot of fans of the series might be interested in checking out the skin when it releases.

Epic Games doesn't typically address leaks, but the size of this one just might make it difficult for the company to ignore. A lot of future plans for Fortnite have seemingly been revealed, and fans are going to want to know what will appear next in the game. Hopefully official news will be revealed sooner, rather than later!

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