New Fortnite Leak Appears to Tease Ariana Grande Event

Could Ariana Grande be making an appearance in Fortnite soon? According to the latest leaks from [...]

Could Ariana Grande be making an appearance in Fortnite soon? According to the latest leaks from and scuttlebutt about the title from Epic Games, it certainly seems like it could be a possibility. In case you missed it, there is an in-game countdown timer in Fortnite right now counting down to roughly 6PM ET/3PM PT on August 6th, and a new leak seems to indicate that it just might be related to Ariana Grande. Epic Games, for its part, has not yet announced what exactly to expect when the countdown timer concludes.

To be clear, this is far from the first time we've had an indication that Ariana Grande could appear in Fortnite. Court documents from the Epic Games vs. Apple legal battle previously included mention of a potential collaboration with the musician. Add to this a recent leak stating that an Ariana Grande in-game concert would be happening very soon. And to top it all off newly decrypted posters from the event, which you can check out below, appear to hint at different Ariana Grande-related things.

As noted above, the in-game countdown timer is set to conclude at 6PM ET/3PM PT on August 6th. It is currently unknown exactly what the event might be, but the speculation is some sort of in-game concert featuring Ariana Grande. Fortnite itself is in the midst of Chapter 2 - Season 7 and is currently available on most major platforms, but the iOS version, specifically, has hit a snag after Epic Games intentionally set off a chain of events that caused it to be removed from the App Store. The legal fight over that decision is ongoing, but the short version is: nobody is playing Chapter 2 - Season 7 on an iPhone right now. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Fortnite right here.

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