Fortnite Leak Reveals Ryu and Chun-Li Street Fighter Trailer, Skins, and Emotes

Not long after an apparent Street Fighter portal appeared in Fortnite, a flurry of leaks have [...]

Not long after an apparent Street Fighter portal appeared in Fortnite, a flurry of leaks have surfaced to reveal unique crossover cosmetics and even a trailer for the collaboration. At least two of the skins have supposedly been revealed along with an arcade-y cinematic to welcome the Street Fighter characters to the battle royale game. It's possible we still haven't seen the extent of the Street Fighter cosmetics either, so we can likely expect to see more when the crossover is fully revealed.

Over on Twitter, the user who goes by Fortnitepook707 has been credited with most of the latest Fortnite leaks that pertain to the Street Fighter crossover. The Twitter user shared the video below what's supposedly the cinematic that'll announce the collab. It shows both Chun-Li and Ryu fighting in a classic arcade battle before being abducted by Fortnite's Jonesy just as he's brought in so many other characters to the battle royale game.

We see the two Street Fighter characters matching Fortnite's style at the end of the trailer, and in other videos shared by the same Twitter user, we get to see more of Chun-Li and Ryu in action. Another video appeared to show off what some of their emotes would look like with each of the characters using some of their signature Street Fighter moves.

In the initial datamining efforts prior to these leaks, it was suggested that there'd be both male and female skins from the Street Fighter collab, so it make sense that those would be Chun-Li and Ryu given that they're two of the most recognizable Street Fighter characters. Fortnite's crossovers never stop at just character cosmetics though, so if the apparent emotes are any indications of what's coming, we'll see more than just skins once the crossover is fully revealed.

Based on past Fortnite teasers and reveals, we'll likely see another teaser or two shared on Twitter before the skins launch. Epic Games is no stranger to making Fortnite news during the weekend with some of the game's biggest events from the past happening on Saturdays, so we may see these leaks come to fruition as soon as tomorrow.