Fortnite Releases The Flash Skin Set

Earlier this week, Epic Games revealed that a new skin tied to DC’s speedster The Flash was soon [...]

Earlier this week, Epic Games revealed that a new skin tied to DC's speedster The Flash was soon planned to roll out in Fortnite. While some have already had access to the new character skin for a few days, as of right now, The Flash has become available for all players to purchase within the in-game store.

Epic took to the official Fortnite Twitter account to let players know that if they didn't already pick up The Flash earlier this week, the iconic superhero can be snagged at this moment. The Flash's arrival in Fortnite doesn't just come alongside the iconic red suit that Barry Allen dons, but a few more items have also been added. This slate includes a Speed Force lightning bolt pickaxe, a new Speed Force back bling, and a "Quick Bite" emote that sees the character taking a snack break.

As mentioned, Epic actually made The Flash accessible for some players earlier this week, assuming that they could complete a certain event. The Flash Cup was a new Duos tournament that kicked off on February 10th and allowed two players to take part in a max of ten matches over the course of three hours. The team with the top score in each region would then be able to acquire The Flash and his accompanying back bling prior to its official release tonight.

If you'd like to pick up The Flash for yourself in Fortnite, it should be available in all iterations of the game across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices. Conversely, if you're looking to go on a shopping spree and grab even more skins, a new series associated with Disney's Tron: Legacy are also available for the time being.