Fortnite: Street Fighter Portal Appears on Map

Fortnite will soon be adding another property to its continued crossovers for the current season now that an apparent Street Fighter portal has opened up on the map. The portal offers a glimpse into a world with a fighting stage that looks unmistakably like the Street Fighter games, but even before that, datamining efforts had unearthed evidence of this crossover happening. The portals are typically followed by official teases from the Fortnite social media accounts with the skins released not long afterwards, so it shouldn't be much longer now before we get to see what's planned.

You can check out the Fortnite portal in-game in the video below courtesy of Twitter users Lucas7yoshi and FNJPNews. Just as the other portals that opened up around the map offered glimpses into distinctly different worlds, this one appears to show off a Street Fighter arena.

Twitter user and Fortnite news sharer HYPEX tweeted about the collab on Friday morning and said the next crossover would indeed by with Street Fighter. HYPEX added that there would be both male and female skins added to the game, but what those skins will be remains to be seen.

And there's certainly no shortage of skins to pick from considering how expansive the roster for the Street Fighter games is. While characters have shown up in varying capacities throughout the different games in the series, there are a few that stand out clearly as the fan-favorites and the faces of the series. Considering how there will supposedly be both male and female skins added to the game, the two most obvious candidates that come to mind are Ryu and Chun-Li. Others like Cammy, Guile, and even Blanka could be added as well.


This crossover may also give Fortnite players an answer – or at least a possible explanation – for something spotted in the game's files not long ago. It was noticed that there'd been something added for an "Extra Large Male skin" in the game's files that some thought could allude to a return of Thanos since he's the only character in the game classified that way. Street Fighter characters are in no way small in stature though, so depending on who's getting added, perhaps they'll meet the descriptor found in the files.