Fortnite Leaks Suggest Alien Abductions Are Coming

A curious series of Fortnite assets have been unearthed after the game’s latest update to [...]

A curious series of Fortnite assets have been unearthed after the game's latest update to suggest that one of the newest features coming to the game might be alien abductions. Things like particle effects, icons, and other references to this sort of situation were found within the game's files, though it's unclear at this time how all the parts fit together and, most importantly, how players would go about getting abducted in the first place.

The datamined Fortnite assets were shared on social media just as they typically are by the go-to leakers like FortTory, Mang0e, and HYPEX. FortTory shared a video of two different particles added to the game which were said to relate to UFOs somehow. The "TELEGRAPH" and "DIRTLIFTUP" were shown below with the assistance of SizzyLeaks to show what the effects look like. FortTory stressed in a follow-up tweet that these effects were not actually trails and that the particles had simply been swapped over to trails in order to demonstrate the effect.

In addition to that reference, Mang0e showed a screenshot of the game's files themselves with some interesting folders. Under the main "Animation" folder, there was a sub-folder a few layers in that was explicitly named "Abducted" in case there were any who questioned what these actions might be referring to.

Finally, HYPEX and gameshed showed off a brief clip that appears to be the animation itself for whenever players get abducted. It certainly looks like an abduction since it shows players being turned upside down before resigning themselves to their new alien leaders and letting them be floated up into the air.

Since these teasers started hitting the Internet, players have been wondering how the abductions will come about and if these will be connected to the next season or something still within Season 6. It's unknown what the plans are for these abductions right now, but if people are starting to find assets in the files for this situation, it shouldn't be too much longer before we start seeing other kinds of teasers in-game.