'Fortnite' Momentum Loss Is Key Opportunity For EA, Activision, Says Report

While Fortnite continues to make mad money on a monthly basis, a new report suggests that the Epic Games hit could see a slight downturn in audience. Not that it's going to go away, mind you, but this slowdown could be a key opportunity for Activision and Electronic Arts to step up with their respective games.

Based on this report over at Seeking Alpha, Twitter mentions for the Battle Royale-based game have dropped for the first time on a season launch day, going down 37 percent compared to season 5.

With that, Activision could find a chance to dominate with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which will introduce Battle Royale to the series for the first time with Blackout. Considering how well the game was received when it went into beta testing last month, many believe that the game could easily take over when it releases next week.

And there's another competitor on the horizon -- Battlefield V. Even though its Battle Royale details are still minimal at this point, there's a good chance that EA could have something prepared for when that game launches in November, with the mode being put together by Criterion. More details are expected in the weeks ahead, and possibly a beta to go right alongside it, though we're still awaiting confirmation.

Can Fortnite stand up to the competition? This will certainly be a test, although Epic Games does have a fun Halloween-based month of competition coming up, including limited edition items that fans can't wait to get their hands on. And who knows, they could introduce another special event along the lines of Infinity War's Thanos being available to players, complete with Infinity Gauntlet. We'll see what it has in mind.


The real question here is how PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will hold up. Fortnite has already taken a sizable amount of its audience, even though it remains popular around the world. But Blackout and whatever Battlefield V has in mind could put an interesting dent in how it performs.

Whatever the case, the Battle Royale face-off will be bigger than it's ever been, and it's too soon to tell who will emerge victorious. Everyone's bringing something to the party -- now it's just a matter of seeing who attends.