Fortnite Nexus: Wolverine, Groot, Captain America & More Teased for Season 4

Epic Games released what’s likely to be the final Fortnite teaser for Season 4 which included [...]

Epic Games released what's likely to be the final Fortnite teaser for Season 4 which included teasers hinting at Marvel skins for characters like Groot and Wolverine. It completes the word "Nexus" that the Fortnite teasers have been spelling out piece by piece which very well could be the name of the next season and also sounds like it'll have greater implications for the ongoing Fortnite story overall. The teasers for the heroes' involvement in the next season is the most exciting part of the teaser though since it gives players more concrete evidence of what to look forward to and lends some credence to past leaks.

The final Fortnite teaser shared by the game's Twitter account and Marvel Entertainment can be seen below. Part 5 of the Fortnite teasers shows five different heroes housed within the "S" that completes the "Nexus" series of teasers. Iron Man's armored suit is seen at the top above Captain America with what appears to be the fully-grown version of Groot next to him. Following the letter down to the bottom-right shows Wolverine, a character which was already rumored to be a part of Season 4, and rounding out the teaser in the corner appears to be Mystique.

If we are indeed getting a Wolverine skin as this teaser suggests, it means some of the other content leaked before is also likely happening as well. That content includes Wolverine claws to replace players' pickaxes, a skin for Groot as well, and Marvel-themed versions of some of Fortnite's own skins. Thor's hammer is already in Fortnite, so we'll definitely be seeing more of him. It's been said that the cosmetics we get in Season 4 will be themed after the heroes' comic appearances and less like their cinematic looks that we've seen in Fortnite in the past which could explain how we'll get another Captain America skin since he's already in the game.

There also appears to be more to unpack from the word "Nexus" than one might initially think. A nexus typically denotes a point where things are connected, and it certainly seems like Epic Games is building up the connectedness of the Marvel and Fortnite universes. Some of the comic book pages found in Fortnite so far blend the two universes together by mixing Fortnite characters into the pages alongside Thor and others. Epic Games Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard tweeted that "It's ALL connected" several days ago which seems more telling now than it did before.

Fortnite Season 4 will launch on August 27th, so expect to see much more about its secrets the crossover features and skins we'll get on Thursday.