Fortnite's Thor Crossover Begins, New Comic Book Pages Found In Game

Fortnite's Thor crossover event has already been confirmed and is scheduled to be fully underway starting on August 27th when the next season begins, but like most Fortnite seasons, the event's not waiting until that day to start. The first Thor references and teasers for the event have been spotted in-game already and appear to hint at a much more connected crossover story between Thor and Fortnite than people may have anticipated when the event was first announced.

For those who have the Fortnite battle pass for this season, you can head into the battle pass tab where teasers are usually housed to find parts of a comic book. Sitting on one of the tables are pages showing panels from the latest Thor series where the hero has to team up with Galactus. While some of the panels and the artwork are pulled directly from the series, it takes a different direction towards the end by showing what appears to be one of Fortnite's rifts. Galactus is pulled towards the rift in hopes of absorbing its power, and that's where the story ends so far.

Fortnite leaker and Twitter user FortTory shared a video showing the pages and the events that unfold. Players have also noticed a new rift appearing in-game which one can only assume is directly connected to the pages of the comic.

Based on what we know so far, Thor and Galactus will be heading to Fortnite in a couple of days to usher in Season 5. How that'll play out remains to be seen, but it'll likely be an event with significant repercussions given the powers of the parties involved.

In the comic series, Galactus is bent on feeding on planets to absorb their power in order to stand a chance against The Black Winter, a force that threatens everyone regardless of their status or power. Thor's enlisted to help him because of the severity of the situation, but the two are often at odds in how they go about their mission. Galactus absorbs planets without consideration for their inhabitants while Thor tries to save people where possible, sometimes by evacuating a planet's population.


Thor's story apparently won't be the only Marvel element at play in the next season. The new season is supposed to have more skins from other Marvel characters like Wolverine and Storm, so it looks like we can expect plenty more Marvel content to come to Fortnite soon.