'Fortnite' Player's Contest-Winning Cinematic Is Getting a Sequel

The Fortnite cinematic that won the grand prize during Epic Games’ Replay Royale contest is getting a sequel.

Epic Games held a Fortnite contest back in April that tasked players with using the game’s new replay system to create impressive cinematics comprised of the game’s characters and locations around the map. Some rules were in place to guide players while creating their content, but editing the videos and adding effects and music was allowed.

Fornite player and YouTuber Enzait was the winner of the contest’s grand prize, a new Alienware computer, a sizeable amount of V-Bucks, and a conference call with the Epic Games video team. Enzait’s contest-winning cinematic titled “REVENGE” can be seen above, but the content creator’s story apparently doesn’t end there. According to the teaser trailer below, the REVENGE story is getting a sequel.

A Part II to the original “REVENGE” story, the teaser indicates that a second protagonist shown at the end will make an appearance. Tomatohead is also back with the teaser’s description saying “This time, Tomatohead gets his own revenge.” No release date for the sequel was given yet, but Enzait said in the trailer that it’s “coming soon.”

As the teaser showed in the beginning, the original cinematic was applauded not just by the judges who decided who the winners would be but also by the community. When the video was submitted to Reddit, it rocketed to the top of the game’s subreddit while receiving tens of thousands of upvotes to push it to that spot, the total cresting just over 30,000 votes. The official Fortnite Twitter account even gave Enzait a callout before the Replay Royale winners had been decided, a tweet that garnered a similar reaction to the reddit post.


Enzait didn’t stop making Fortnite cinematics after winning the contest though. When the intense rocket launch happened in Fortnite at the end of June, Enzait created a Fortnite cinematic that was one of the best ways to relive the launch. Another cinematic released earlier in September showed what the battle royale game would look like if it crossed over with the world of Grand Theft Auto.

The sequel to Enzait’s “REVENGE” does not yet have a release date at this time.