This Fortnite Cinematic Is the Best Way to Watch the Rocket Launch

For those who didn’t catch Fortnite’s epic rocket launch that sent the missile spiraling across the map, look no further than this player-made cinematic for the best possible way to experience it as if you were actually there.

Even if you did see the big event go down, this video that’s been submitted to the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit by a player who was present during the event is still quite possibly the best way to experience it. Right after the event happened, players posted videos of their perspectives to show what the rocket looked like from all kinds of different angles, but this cinematic from Redditor Enzait that was pieced together from different parts of the rocket’s trajectory almost looks as though Epic Games themselves could’ve released it. Enzait uploaded the video to Reddit, but you can watch the 60-fps version above that was shared to the film maker’s YouTube channel.

Not only does the video capture the intensity of the rocket launching, it also takes into account what other players were doing throughout the whole event. An unofficial peace treaty was brokered in Fortnite when the countdown hit zero as players tried to get to the best possible vantage points to watch the rocket in action. Wherever you looked, there were players looking to the sky instead of down their sights at another player as everyone tried to take in the moment. There were some who tried to ruin the experience by gunning down other players who weren’t paying attention – an act that plenty of players were none too pleased with – but many who did that swiftly found justice at the hands of other players who came to people’s defense.

Fortnite Rocket
(Photo: Enzait)

Enzait didn’t offer much more on how the video was made, but the creator did say that no extra sound effects were added. If you heard it in the video, it was possible to hear it during the launch event as well. Epic Games also commented on the video in the post on Reddit to say that the cinematic had been shared around the office with an Epic Games team member calling it “incredible.”

For those who already peruse YouTube and the game’s subreddit for new Fortnite videos, you might’ve already been familiar with Enzait’s work. From the John Wick skin to the merman, the film creator’s got quite the collection of videos that can all be seen through Enzait’s YouTube channel.