Fortnite Could Be Getting Major Map Change According to Epic Games Leak

It looks like Epic Games has a major change in store for Fortnite in the pipeline, as a recent [...]

It looks like Epic Games has a major change in store for Fortnite in the pipeline, as a recent leak has hinted toward something big happening to the Coliseum location. The game hasn't received any major updates over the last few weeks due to the holiday season, but regular tweaks to Fortnite should be commencing now that we are a week into 2021. That could mean a big map change, which means a special event could be in the works as Epic Games plans for the forthcoming Season 6.

As for the leak, it comes the way of prominent Fortnite leaker and dataminer, "Mang0e," who recently took to Twitter to reveal that a new variant has been added for the Coliseum in a recent update that isn't currently in the game. More specifically, they discovered files and assets suggesting the Coliseum is about to be filled with water.

Now, this could hint at a larger event involving some type of flooding, or it could be a more isolated change. As the dataminer points out, the Romans would occasionally fill the Coliseum up with water for massive ship battles. And as you can see in the leaked image below, there's a ship, plus plenty of docks for players to stand.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. Not only is nothing here official, but datamining leaks can be misleading, and of course, everything is always subject to change in video game development. With Fortnite specifically, we've seen Epic Games add plenty to the game's files that never make it into the actual game itself.

Speaking of Epic Games, at the moment of publishing, it has not commented on this leak in any capacity, and it's very, very unlikely this will change, but if it does, you'll be able to read about it right here.

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