Fortnite Season 6 Leaks Reveal Brand New Skins

Fortnite skins, as they’re prone to do, have leaked ahead of their arrival with four new [...]

Fortnite skins, as they're prone to do, have leaked ahead of their arrival with four new cosmetics revealed ahead of time. The skins were unearthed from the game's files following the latest update and consist of four different designs that couldn't be more different from one another. Prices have not yet been announced for the skins nor have release dates, however, so we'll have to wait until they show up in the Item Shop to see when they'll be available and for how much.

The four skins were shown off on social media by Fortnite leaker HYPEX who shared in-game images of the skins. Two of the skins are more traditional human-like cosmetics while the other two feature more involved designs. One's got armor and a jagged headpiece and glows with flames while the other looks like a clunky robot straight out of WALL-E. You can check out each of the new skins below.

As is the case with these sorts of leaks, skins weren't the only cosmetics to be revealed ahead of time. Using one of the skins above as the candidate for showing off other parts of what's to come, HYPEX shared some of the upcoming emotes as well. You can see those above through the video that shows off the "Chugga-Chugga" and "Lil' Bounce" emotes.

While skin leaks and early reveals of other types of cosmetics are to be expected, Fortnite's upcoming features occasionally leak as well. That also happened following the release of the latest update with leaked files indicating that some sort of alien abduction feature is coming. How it'll work, exactly, remains to be seen, but we've already seen particles for different effects related to the abductions as well as an animation for players whenever they're being abducted.

There was also a hint at another skin coming to the game soon following the latest update, though this hint came from a teaser and not a leak. Embedded into a loading screen reward was a silhouette of a character who looked like none other than Loki from Marvel's stories. Thor may have also been in the teaser as well, so it looks like we'll see Loki in Fortnite and Thor once more at some point.