Fortnite Season 6 Skins Reportedly Leaked

If you're a massive fan of Fortnite, chances are high that you're counting down the days until [...]

If you're a massive fan of Fortnite, chances are high that you're counting down the days until Season 6 starts. The latest wave of content for the ever-popular battle royale game is set to arrive next week, and while we don't know everything that developer Epic Games plans to roll out on day one, some of the skins that could be releasing in the new season have potentially leaked ahead of time.

A new series of skin mockups related to Fortnite recently appeared on the developer's ArtStation account. If you're not aware of what that is, it's essentially a website where some employees can post the work that they've done on video games or other media to share with the world. The post that leaked out specifically came from Kevuru Games, which has worked on Fortnite skins in the past. The skins that we can see don't include any characters from popular media, but are instead meant to be original costumes tied to the world of Fortnite.

While this leak could be legitimate, it's also worth stressing that we don't have definitive proof that these skins will be appearing in Fortnite Season 6. Even though the art very much seems real, these skin designs could have been scrapped at any point in the development process and therefore might never appear in-game. As such, you should take this leak with a grain of salt and not get your expectations too high.

That being said, we won't have to wait a whole lot longer to find out if these designs are legitimate. Season 5 of Fortnite is going to wrap up next week on Monday, March 15. A day later on March 16, Season 6 will then kick-off and will unveil some of the new skins that players will be able to earn. Whether you're playing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, or mobile devices, this new Season will also start at the same time for everyone.

Are you excited for Fortnite Season 6? And if so, do you expect to see any of these leaked skins showing up within the game? Be sure to give me your thoughts either down below in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.