Popular Fortnite YouTuber Banned From Game on Season 3 Release

A popular Fortnite YouTuber has been banned from the game on the release of Season 3. SerpentAU, [...]

A popular Fortnite YouTuber has been banned from the game on the release of Season 3. SerpentAU, received his ban after confessing his use of macros. These tactics allowed him to link multiple keystrokes to single inputs, and that's a recipe for unnatural speed. Before this all came to light, Serpent was known to fans as one of the fasted editors in the ranks of Fortnite YouTubers. With this new information though, it wasn't going to be long before Epic Games dropped the hammer. This morning he tweeted, "I just got banned on Fortnite." Usually, there is some sliver of plausible deniability when allegations of cheating come to light. This is entirely different though, as admitting to the deed makes this a pretty open and shut example of punishment.

Serpent was part of Overtime Gaming, which dropped him after the allegations surfaced and they had time to conduct their own investigation. June 9th they issued a statement about everything that had gone down.

Overtime wrote, "At Overtime Gaming, it is our job first and foremost to look after our talent and the community we are building. As of this moment, SerpentAU is released. After further investigation within the last 12 hours, we have definite reasoning to believe SerpentAU has committed an act of dishonesty through the use of Macros - to our staff, friends and community. We absolutely do not condone this type of behaviour and will be taking more pre-cautions in the future."

Below is the apology from Serpent after everything became public.

"I am truly very sorry for the actions I took; I don't condone cheating in any way and I am disappointed in myself for going down this route," he wrote. "During the entire course of this, I didn't properly understand the severity of what I was doing. Nobody other than myself knew about my actions until after my response and I want to keep everybody that supported my separated from my wrongdoings. I take full responsibility for what I did, nobody should be shamed for supporting me or associating with me in the past. Especially, please don't send hate to Tweaks or EJ."

"I saw an opportunity and decided to take it, without properly considering who it would affect along the way. This is entirely my fault and I will be taking a break for some time. My actions were blurred by the money, influence, and experiences I was having, ones that I never thought in a million years would become true," Serpent describes. "I can only learn from my mistakes, what I did was very wrong, it will never happen again and while I would love for you guys to forgive me, I understand if you don't. Once again, I am truly sorry for what I did. I wish you all the best and thank you for reading what I had to say."