Ninja "Disappointed" in Competitive Fortnite Cheaters

As Fortnite's competitive scene continues to grow, players also continue to seek out new ways to gain an advantage in the game. However, four players took things a bit too far over the weekend, according to Epic Games. The publisher issued a heavy, 60-day ban on Kreo, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys, after the four professional players were caught colluding during the Fortnite Champion Series Week 1 competition. Many were surprised by the scandal, including Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. Given his long association with the game, Ninja took the opportunity to discuss Fortnite's competitive scene, noting his disappointment in the players for trying to gain an unfair advantage, while also discussing Epic's handling of the scandal.

In the competition, Kreo, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys would land in the Slurpy Swamp area, shooting one another in order to gain free Storm Surge tags, without pursuing the kill. Then, the players would go heal up. Essentially, the four were protecting one another from receiving damage from the Storm Surge, which damages and eliminates players that haven't given out enough damage to their opponents. Several Fortnite pros noticed the actions, and called on Epic to take action.

During the stream, Ninja brought up the younger age of many Fortnite players, and how that has shaped the competitive scene. The streamer did not use that as an excuse for the actions of Kreo, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys, however. Ninja actually seemed to imply that the punishment did not go far enough, citing Epic's banning of FaZe Jarvis. Epic gave Jarvis a lifetime ban from competitive Fortnite for using an aimbot during an online match. Ninja noted that Jarvis' actions took place in a match for fun, while Kreo, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys did it during a competition where money was on the line.

Ninja's opinion on the pro scene from r/FortniteCompetitive

Ninja's opinion carries a bit of weight when it comes to Fortnite, so it's interesting to hear him talk somewhat negatively about the younger age of so many Fortnite players. While Ninja's comments aren't nearly as extreme as those of Dr Disrespect, who famously called Fortnite a game for "brainless kids," it's still notable to see the professional player take that into account while judging the actions of Kreo, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys.

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