Frosthaven: Full Map and Details Revealed

Anticipation continues to grow as Frosthaven's Kickstarter is only a month away. Earlier today, [...]

Anticipation continues to grow as Frosthaven's Kickstarter is only a month away. Earlier today, the tabletop YouTube channel Man vs. Meeple posted an interview with Gloomhaven creator Isaac Childres to discuss his upcoming game Frosthaven. Set in the same world and using the same basic game mechanics as Gloomhaven, Frosthaven is a new full-length game that will launch on Kickstarter in March. During the interview, Childres showed off Frosthaven's map, which features not only a gridded map of the Northern Coast that players will explore in Frosthaven, but also a large map of the outpost of Frosthaven, which serves as the party's base during the adventure.

The actual map is twice the size of Gloomhaven's map, largely because we have a detailed map of Frosthaven. Over the course of Frosthaven's campaign, players will be able to upgrade Frosthaven with new buildings and defenses, which will be critical to survive the hostile winter months. Players can gain new buildings by retiring their characters, which in turn unlock new classes or other new benefits.

While Gloomhaven uses many of the same mechanics as Frosthaven, the game does contain some upgrades and tweaks. Instead of getting gold during scenarios, players will instead pull from a loot deck that can contain gold or crafting materials used to make potions or create new weapons. The personal quests were also tweaked to make the quests more achievable during the early game, with new personal quests unlocked throughout the course of the campaign. There's also separate Town and Road decks based on the season, and new status conditions (Brittle, which causes the next attack to do double damage, and Bane, which causes 10 damage if not healed by that character's next turn). Frosthaven will also include puzzles that unlock new material, but isn't necessary for completion of the game's main story.

During the interview, Childres also noted that the main storyline is to pacify three factions that live in the Northern Coast. The full campaign will take approximately 60 scenarios to complete, with the other campaigns acting as side quests.

You can check out the full Frosthaven map below. Frosthaven's Kickstarter campaign will launch next month on March 24th.