GameStop Accidentally Makes Multiple Games Free

GameStop -- or rather a glitch in GameStop's system -- accidentally made multiple games and products 100 percent free, or in some cases, very close to 100 percent free. This includes not only PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch games, but gaming accessories. Meanwhile, customers were getting absurd deals on the consoles themselves. For example, the Nintendo Switch was briefly $4. The bad news is that the glitch in the system has already been fixed.

The money-saving glitch was first noticed by Cheap Ass Gamer, which noticed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guardian Deluxe Console Case for the Nintendo Switch was listed as free on the official GameStop website, which prompted the Twitter page to check out the rest of the website. And it wasn't just the Zelda case that was free. A huge slab of products were listed as free, while many others were dirt cheap.

As for those who were quick enough to jump on the glitch, it doesn't look like their purchases will be honored. When these types of glitches in the system happen, some retailers honor them, but many don't. Some who exploited the glitch have already started to receive cancellation orders, suggesting all will meet this fate as GameStop slowly works through all the purchases made in this narrow window.

While GameStop is unfortunately not giving away everything in its inventory for free, it is currently running some incredible deals. For example, it has made several popular PS4 games just $5.

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