GTA 5 Strip Club May Hold Clue Hinting at GTA 6's Setting and Map

Earlier this month, the map of Grand Theft Auto 6, or at least a part of it, reportedly leaked, sending GTA fans into a frenzy of speculation. At the time, the source of the leak was dubious, and this remains the case, however, some fans think they've discovered further "evidence" validating the leak. The new "evidence" comes way of GTA 5, as in, the actual game. Exploring the strip club in the game, one player found some interesting postcards in the changing rooms, and at first glance, they seem to possibly line up with the aforementioned map leak.

"So in the changing rooms in the back of the strip club there are these postcards referring [to] 'Paradise Isle'," writes the player who discovered the postcards over on Reddit. "Initially I thought the name 'Paradise Isle' could be a reference to somewhere like Hawaii or the Bahamas, but after the alleged map leak it also seems the pictures fit pretty well regarding distance and such. You can also take a look at the three islands I pointed out in the top postcard."

As you can see in the Reddit post below, this is nothing more than a theory, and while it may seem absurd, it's actually not completely out of line with what Rockstar Games has done in the past. The developer is well known for teasing its future games with its current games, particularly locations of its future games. In other words, this could be another example of this.

Potential hint to the "leaked" map in the GTA 5 strip club? from r/GTA6

What's working against this theory is that it's doubtful that Rockstar Games knew the setting of GTA 6 while it was making GTA 5 sometime before 2013. However, even if it didn't know the exact location, it's possible the team generally knew they wanted to explore an island setting in the next game.

As you may know, the bulk of rumors have suggested GTA 6 will return to Vice City, but many of them have suggested Vice City will only be a part of the game's map, which may include the Caribbean, or parts of South America, or both.


Of course, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt like you would any leak or rumor. And unfortunately, you're going to have to hold onto this grain of salt for a while, because not only is Rockstar Games never going to comment on any of this, but reports indicate GTA 6's reveal is still a ways off.

That said, if Rockstar Games does break its strict "no comment" policy for this discovery and bit of speculation, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.