Nintendo Cuts Price of Valuable Switch Accessory

Nintendo announced Friday its plans to permanently lower the price of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controller so long as you’re buying them as single controllers and not as a pair. Currently priced at $49.99 for just one half of the Joy-Con set, a single Joy-Con controller will instead cost $39.99 starting on November 11th. This will be the first time that the price of the single Joy-Con controller has dropped seeing how the price hasn’t budged since the Nintendo Switch first launched.

The announcement was shared on Twitter by Nintendo along with details on exactly which Joy-Con controllers Switch owners will be able to get for a cheaper price next month. The Neon Blue Joy-Con used on the left side of the Switch is included in the price drop as is the Neon Red Joy-Con used on the right side of the device.

This price drop will finally bring the price of a single Joy-Con controller in line with what it really should’ve been in the first place. Purchasing a set of Joy-Con controllers still costs $79.99 unless you can find them on sale somewhere which meant that buying a single controller was and still is more than half the price of the set, at least until November 9th.

Some people may have no need at all for an individual Joy-Con controller if your set is holding up still, but the price drop will help should you ever end up needing another one. Having an extra Joy-Con controller around is useful even if it’s not part of a set since it’s one more controller for someone to use should someone else want to play local multiplayer in a game where using a single Joy-Con wouldn’t be much of a hindrance. In case you’re experiencing Joy-Con drift on one side of your Nintendo Switch console or if one of the Joy-Cons gets broken and Nintendo’s support team can’t remedy your issue, you’ll at least have a cheaper option when you need to replace one.


This price drop of course won’t do much good for Nintendo Switch Lite owners since you can’t pop those controllers off the device anyway, but you can always pair a Joy-Con or other controller to the Nintendo Switch Lite if you need to for whatever region.

Nintendo’s price drop on the single Joy-Con controllers will be in effect on November 9th.