Ghost of Tsushima 2 Seemingly Leaked

It looks like Ghost of Tsushima is getting a sequel on PS5. Sucker Punch followed up 2014's Infamous: Second Son in 2020 with Ghost of Tsushima, a brand new IP and a very different game for the developer. That said, upon release, the game was an instant commercial success and a critical success as well, garnering over 8 million sales as of January 2022 and landing at Metacritic scores of 83 and 87, depending on the platform. Suffice to say, it would surprise no one if the game got a sequel, and it looks like that's exactly what is happening. 

Sucker Punch Productions -- a PlayStation-owned studio -- is hiring for multiple positions, including a Senior Combat Designer and a Technical Combat Designer. As you would expect, Sucker Punch doesn't say in the job listings what applicants will be working on, but the developer does note that all applicants as a "requirement" "must-have played Ghost of Tsushima and understand its core gameplay systems." Why would applicants need to have played Ghost of Tsushima as a requirement if the game in question wasn't a sequel? There's no other explanation, at least not of the reasonable variety. This all but confirms a sequel is in development, which has yet to be confirmed. 

For now, though, take everything here with a grain of salt. While these job listings are real and while they do mention this requirement, the conclusions being drawn, while expected and reasonable, still technically fall under the speculation category.

At the moment of publishing, none of the implicated parties, nor anyone involved with any of the implicated parties, have commented on this speculation. If this changes, we will update the story accordingly. That said, we don't anticipate this changing as PlayStation and its studios have a firm policy of silence when it comes to speculation. 

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