God of War Ragnarok Release Date Apparently Closer Than We Thought

God of War Ragnarok is expected to release this year, with many PlayStation users specifically anticipating it being the PS4 and PS5's big holiday season release. And this is a reasonable expectation, yet it still might be off base. It looks like the highly-anticipated sequel may actually be releasing sooner than we thought, closer to the release of its predecessor, which, as you may remember, was a May release, Sony's favorite window to release major games. Why do we think the game may be releasing sooner than expected? Well, because according to one retailer, it's going to be out sometime this June.

The retailer in question is a smaller regional retailer in Chile, or, in other words, it's not Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or any other retailer that would be hard to ignore if they accidentally stamped the game with a release date or a more precise release window. That said, according to the Chilean retailer, the game is out in June, though when exactly in June, it doesn't divulge in its listing for the title.

Now, this could be a placeholder for the first half of the year. Further, it's not incredibly uncommon for smaller retailers to propagate false information. Sometimes this is by mistake, but other times it's to draw some attention and clicks. Whatever the case, right now, this is the only retailer claiming the game is coming out in June. 

If the game is going to release this June, a release date announcement has to be imminent. That said, and for what it's worth, there are rumors that a major PlayStation State of Play is happening in March. If this happens, we could hear about when the God of War sequel is releasing as early as next month.

God of War Ragnarok is in development for the PS4 and PS5, and is officially slated to release sometime this year. Could this release happen in June? Sure, but for now, we don't have any type of confirmation of this. 


"Together, Kratos and Atreus venture deep into the Nine Realms in search of answers as Asgardian forces prepare for war," reads an official blurb about the game. "Along the way they will explore stunning, mythical landscapes, gather allies from across the realms, and face fearsome enemies in the form of Norse gods and monsters. As the threat of Ragnarök grows ever closer, Kratos and Atreus find themselves choosing between the safety of their family and the safety of the realms..."