PlayStation Reveals New Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Details, Trailer

Sucker Punch Productions shared some new details on Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut ahead of [...]

Sucker Punch Productions shared some new details on Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut ahead of its August release date to tell players more about the game's first expansion and what lies within. The Iki Island expansion will take players to the island of the same name where protagonist Jin Sakai will expectedly face off against a new Mongol threat. A trailer was released alongside these details to give us our best look yet at the expansion.

In this Director's Cut version of the game, the nearby Iki Island has been taken over by a Mongol shaman known as "Ankhsar Khatun." While the Mongols naturally pose a threat to both the people there and surrounding areas should they succeed in conquering the island, Sucker Punch teases that Jin has other things to worry about on the island, too. He's been there before, the developer said, and when he returns, he'll have to "face old fears, and undeath deeply buried traumas" while examining the darker side of the Sakai clan.

Iki Island sounds and looks much different from the island of Tsushima where the base game took place. Tsushima was a relatively calm place save for the Mongol invasion, but Sucker Punch describes Iki Island as a place not under the control of the samurai that's filled with pirates, raiders, smugglers, haunted caves, and more. Jin will be able to enlist the help of some of these types of individuals in his missions, a sequence of events that'll likely further test his samurai vs. "Ghost" tendencies.

To give players things to progress towards in the expansion beyond the conclusion of the story alone, Sucker Punch said that players will be able to acquire new techniques while they play to unleash different moves on enemies. There will also be "new legends to hear" which sure sounds like it's a reference to the Mythic Tales in the base game that sent players up frozen mountains and other places in search of powerful, hidden techniques and gear.

Since the Iki Island expansion is wrapped into the Director's Cut and not sold separately, you'll have to go through Sony's upgrade process to get this content. You'll be able to upgrade your PlayStation 4 version of the game to the Director's Cut on the same console for $19.99 on August 20th. If you want the PlayStation 5 version of the Director's Cut, it costs $29.99 to upgrade from the base PlayStation 4 game to the new release on the newest console.