Ghost of Tsushima Movie Director Provides Update

The director of the John Wick series and the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima film has provided a small update on the upcoming video game adaptation. Ghost of Tsushima is a recent addition to the pantheon of cinematic PlayStation exclusives. It was Sucker Punch's first game since starting the Infamous franchise and it seems as though Ghost of Tsushima scratched more of an itch than a superhero game. The game allowed players to play as a samurai warrior in a beautiful Japanese landscape that's been overrun with violence and chaos. The combat was satisfying, the world was inviting, and the story was incredibly captivating, making it a big hit for Sony. A lot of this lent well for a movie, so Sony quickly began developing an adaptation of the game.

It was confirmed that John Wick director Chad Stahelski would go on to direct the Ghost of Tsushima film, but it's been a while since we've had any major developments. The film has a writer, but no cast and no release date. Speaking to IGN, Stahelski confirmed that they have a "good script", but are working out the intricate details on how to bring it to life due to the nature of this adaptation.

"As far as Ghost of Tsushima [goes], it's on my list of things I'm dying to direct," said Stahelski. "We have a very good script, still working out some of the details because it's a whole new kind of a ball game with that. Anyone that's played Ghost of Tsushima realizes the visual style and how intricate." 

It sounds like the film is certainly working out some kinks still and could be a while before we see it. Ghost of Tsushima released on PS4 in 2020 and it's likely Sucker Punch is knee-deep in a sequel. Whether we get the film adaptation before that happen remains to be seen, but we're likely two to three years away at most from the sequel based on how long it has taken for other PlayStation sequels to come to fruition. 

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