God of War With Street Fighter II Sound Effects Is Surprisingly Well Done

I made a God of War video with Street Fighter II's sound effects and i think it fits 'perfect'! :) [...]

It's true that Twitter has seen better days. But there are still some gems out there that are worth sharing, particularly when it comes to a popular video game getting a little bit of kickback from yesteryear.

Case in point -- God of War. Ever since its release back in April, it's been nothing short of an epic adventure that has delivered on every turn. And it's imminently replayable, especially with the New Game + being added to it this week.

But what would it be like with retro sound effects? That's what Twitter user Talha Aynaci decided to do, effectively mixing the fierce action of God of War with classic Street Fighter II effects. The results are surprisingly good.

In the clip, which you can see below, Kratos delivers brutal blows to opponents. But the routine punching effects have been replaced with sound samples from the SNES version of Street Fighter, complete with Guile's theme playing in the background; voice samples from Chun-Li, Blanka and M. Bison; and all the thick "thwack" effects you get from landing blows on opponents. (Well, we think it's "thwack," but feel free to add your own descriptive term.)

Our particular favorite is when Kratos throws his axe and the Guile "HUHHHH!" sound effect plays. It's almost like a perfect mix. Anyway, you can check out the clip above and revel in its glory.

Some fans have been enjoying this video, though some have some interesting inquiries. For instance, Jakub Dus asked, "Are you going to do it with spider-man ps4?" It's a little too soon to ask since the game isn't out yet, but he's got the right idea. Talhi responded, "Well, it depends on content but this one fits very well!" But we wouldn't mind seeing more mash-ups of this type.

You can check out God of War, sans Street Fighter II effects (unless you add them yourself), for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. We highly recommend it.