God of War Fan Pulls Off Incredible Valkyrie Cosplay

A talented cosplayer who just so happens to be a God of War fan managed to pull off an incredibly detailed recreation of Hildr, one of several Valkyries Kratos fights in the newest game in the series. The cosplayer goes by Marye Le Fay and recently shared some pictures of their Hildr cosplay complete with the warrior's signature blue aesthetic and the intricate mask the Valkyrie wears. To make things even more impressive, cosplayer can even extend the wings on the outfit.

Marye Le Fay shared some videos and images showing off the cosplay on the creator's social media pages. A video showed the wings in action as they slowly extended themselves several feet outward on eittheir side, and more images that came later as promised showed off more detailed looks at the cosplay.

You can see all of those images below with more of Marye Le Fay's cosplay creations seen on their Instagram page.

Cory Barlog, the creator of the most recent God of War game released in 2018, took notice of the cosplay when it was shared on Twitter and applauded it.

These Valkyries are enemies players find throughout God of War and proved to be quite the challenge for many. Each of them have their own battle styles that lead up to the ultimate confrontation with the Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun.


God of War certainly has no shortage of cosplay opportunities as made evident by this creation nearly two years after the game released. We've seen people turn into Kratos most of all, but other characters like Freya have also been popular picks.