Godfall Teaser Shows New Look at PS5, PC Game

A new look at Godfall, the PlayStation 5 and PC game from Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing, made another appearance this week in a brief teaser. It showed off the Silvermane, a character type players can expect to play as when Godfall releases later this year if they choose that class. The teaser doesn’t show much other than a detailed look at the Silvermane’s black armor emblazoned with orange and gold accents, but it’s at least another look at the Godfall game to mull over and perhaps an indicator that more teasers are on the way since this is the first we’ve gotten in a while.

The video above shows the freshest view of Godfall we’ve gotten in recent weeks. It showed the Silvermane character in full with a dramatic voiceover to introduce the playable character type ahead of its arrival during Holiday 2020.

Godfall, PlayStation fans may recall, was the first game confirmed to be a part of the launch lineup for the PlayStation 5. An early look at the game showed what was interpreted to be a mix of Dark Souls combat and looting mechanics, though both of those descriptors could fit many games nowadays.

Newer details about Godfall doubled down on those Dark Souls comparisons with a bit of Monster Hunter thrown in. Godfall rewards aggressive playstyles, a preview of the game claimed, with a heavy focus on melee combat.

As for more official details straight from the developers, we haven’t seen quite as much. The site for the game is relatively empty now aside from the reveal trailer, some wallpapers, and a place to sign up for future updates. The limited details there do at least confirm some aspects of the game like “High-impact combat” set in third-person perspectives and the opportunity to find legendary gear to outfit your characters. It also supports up to three players in co-op sessions.


For those who want more than just this latest teaser, you may want to stay tuned to the Godfall social media accounts. Bits of the game’s world have been shared there recently to set the foundation for the game ahead of its arrival and will likely continue to be shared amid other teasers and announcements.

Godfall is planned for a Holiday 2020 launch on the PlayStation 5 and on PC via the Epic Games Store.