More Info on PS5 Game Godfall Will Be Revealed "Really Soon"

Godfall is the first game Sony ever confirmed for a release on the PlayStation 5, but news on the game has been relatively quiet since that reveal. That's apparently going to change "really, really soon," according to Gearbox. Steve Gibson, the president of Gearbox Publishing, discussed the PlayStation 5 game during a PAX East panel and offered some limited details on it ahead of the news that's coming later. We know it's a co-op game and we know it's got loot for players to acquire, and it shouldn't be much longer before we get to know even more than that.

Gibson took the stage at PAX East after some talks about Borderlands 3 during The Gearbox Show at PAX East. The game's been confirmed for the next-gen PlayStation as well as a PC release on the Epic Games Store, and Gibson thanked both Epic and Sony for allowing them to reveal the first PlayStation 5 game. It was then that he confirmed we'd hear more about the game soon.

"Our friends at Sony and Epic Games were kind enough to let us announce the first known PlayStation 5 title at The Game Awards just a few months ago," Gibson said. "And we have more to tell you about Godfall really, really soon."

Gibson then shared some highlights about the game for those in the room at PAX East and those watching at home.

"It's co-op, there's loot, and it's a slasher. It is a looter-slasher. These guys want to define a new genre much like we hope we did for you with Borderlands."


Whatever ends up being revealed "really, really soon," perhaps it'll have something to do with the old trailer that circulated around in January. A trailer made its way online which appeared to show off scenes from Godfall, and the developers confirmed it was the real deal. It was old footage from an internal presentation though, so whatever we see next will likely be much more refined and stylized.

There's also the question of when this news might be shared. Gearbox and the developer, Counterplay Games, could very well reveal the new details and perhaps a trailer on their own terms, but perhaps this reveal will be connected to a larger PlayStation presentation. It's been a while since we've had a State of Play event, and with Godfall being the first confirmed PlayStation 5 game, it'd make sense for it to appear again as part of Sony's direct presentation.