Exploring Godtear's Champions: Finvarr, Lord of Mirages

Finvarr, Lord of Mirages is a dangerous character meant to protect his warband's banners while [...]

Finvarr, Lord of Mirages is a dangerous character meant to protect his warband's banners while selectively dealing a lot of damage. In Godtear, the new miniatures skirmish game by Steamforged Games, Champions and their small bands of followers do battle while trying to claim Godtears, small crystals that hold the essence of fallen gods. To play Godtear, players form warbands consisting of three Champions and their respective followers. Unlike other miniature games, there's no point system to follow when building warbands, so players simply need to pick which Champions best fit their playstyle.

ComicBook.com is taking a look at some of the first Champions available to use in Godtear. Today, we're taking a look at Finvarr, Lord of Mirages, one of the two Champions available in the Borderlands Core Set (available now.) Finvarr is a Guardian unit with a band of three Shadow Seekers. As a Guardian champion, Finvarr scores extra points when his warband's banners remain on the field of play at the end of the round, and he has several abilities that allow him to move banners out of harm's way if necessary. His ultimate move, Phantom Banners, allows him to move all friendly banners within four hexes to another objective hex within 4 hexes. This is a great move that can pull banners from one side of the battlefield to the other, keeping them away from the enemy or forcing them to move into harm's way to achieve their objectives.

Although Finvarr isn't necessarily designed as an attacker, he can quickly buff himself up to deal a lot of damage. Whenever Finvarr is standing on an objective hex, he automatically gains two accuracy to his attacks thanks to his passive Banner Warden ability, and he can boost his damage using his Void Weapon ability. Combining those two abilities turns Finvarr's sole attack Life Blade into a 6 Accuracy, 6 Damage attack, which should be enough to ward off anyone foolish enough to approach Finvarr in the battlefield.

finvarr 1
(Photo: Steamforged Games)

Finvarr's Shadow Seekers are useful for tripping up opponents and pestering foes. Their Shadow Snare attack reduces a target's speed by 1 during the Plot Phase, which can critically ruin an opponent's plans. They can also buff an ally using their protect skill and can automatically move one hex during both of their activations thanks to the Shadow Step ability, provided that they haven't already made a move. The Shadow Seekers give players plenty of options, allowing them to hamper foes and re-position themselves before making an attack using their own Life Trade attack.

Because of Finvarr's abilities, he works best as a stalwart defender, moving to quickly defend objective hexes and then making foes suffer as they try to wrest him from his position. Try to keep Finvarr on objective hexes with banners as much as you can, pulling them out of harm's way when necessary and making foes think twice before approaching. Finvarr's biggest weakness is his inability to deal with large hordes of enemies - he has a powerful attack but it can only target one foe, so he can get quickly overwhelmed if targeted by multiple Champions.

You can check out Finvarr by buying Godtear: The Borderlands Starter Set. The Starter Set is available now at retailers or on Steamforged's website.