Gotham Knights Details Designing Mr. Freeze

While it seems fair to assume that the upcoming video game Gotham Knights has yet to fully reveal all of its villains, one that has been known for some time now is Mr. Freeze. The classic Batman villain appeared in early gameplay footage revealed back in late 2020. Ahead of the video game's release this October, Gotham Knights character art director Jay Evans has gone into great detail as to how the developer came to design Mr. Freeze for the title.

"When we get a villain like Mr. Freeze, I mean the guy's got so much history, it's a challenge for our team when we get it," said Evans as part of a lengthy deep dive with IGN. "It's, 'Where do we go from here?' Because we look at all the past [versions of the character] that have been done really well. For us, the kind of jumping off point was where does he fit in our Gotham City, on a technological kind of level? So he is the most advanced technology piece in our Gotham."

You can check out what Mr. Freeze looks like in Gotham Knights below:

(Photo: WB Games Montreal/IGN)

"A lot of our reference was medical equipment," continued Evans. "Molded, cool, almost sci-fi shapes with part lines and product design influences. But then, he's still understandable. There's still mechanical connections. It's still relatable. It's not just sci-fi blobs where you have to use your imagination."

Broadly speaking, Gotham Knights is set to release for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC on October 25th. In case you missed it, the title is no longer set to release for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. There are several different versions available to pre-order from $69.99 to $299.99 wherever such things are sold. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming DC video game right here.

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