GTA Online Fixes Major Bug

GTA Online has fixed a major bug that has been plaguing the game for a few days. GTA Online is one of the biggest games of all-time. It's a big part of why Grand Theft Auto V is the second best selling game of all-time because, although the campaign is very good and has high production values, the online mode has kept people coming back for a full decade. It's been impressive to watch Rockstar Games sustain this game, especially after it more or less failed to replicate this success with Red Dead Online. GTA Online has gotten dozens of free updates that radically change the way the game is played and been actively updated to address player feedback for the last ten years. However, it has also run into its own fair share of problems.

Just recently, there was a bug in GTA Online that caused people to essentially lose access to vehicles they spent money on. Although Grand Theft Auto is a game where you can walk up and steal just about any vehicle you see, some vehicles are not able to be owned or stored into your garage without buying them. It can cost millions of in-game dollars, but it ensures that if it blows up, your in-game insurance will bring your car back right away. However, this new bug was causing the car insurance to become totally disabled on vehicles and resulted in a lot of chaos for players. With that said, once Rockstar became aware of the issue, it worked quickly to address the matter. It has since confirmed the bug has been fixed and the problem is resolved.

It's unclear if those who lost their vehicles due to this bug will get any sort of compensation, however. Some players reported that their cars were completely deleted after they were destroyed, so they may just be out of luck. It's unfortunate, but at least Rockstar worked quickly to try and resolve things.

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