GTA Online's New Update Resurrects Dead Character From Story Mode

GTA Online is bringing back a character that some players may have assumed was definitely dead in the GTA universe. GTA Online has been running for nearly a decade and has expanded a ton in that time. When it began, it was set roughly 6 months before the events of Grand Theft Auto V and therefore featured some familiar faces from the story mode. However, as time went on, it quickly began to make more sense for Rockstar Games to advance the timeline of events and even show certain characters like Franklin years after the story ended. This has allowed for a lot of fun opportunities in GTA Online and will now even see the return of a character that some believed to be dead.

The new trailer for GTA Online's The Last Dose update reveals that Michael's therapist, Dr. Friedlander, will be back. The good doctor appears to possibly be operating as some kind of drug lord, which isn't actually that shocking when you think about it. He's a weird therapist in a parody of Hollywood, so it's not a stretch to imagine he decided to try and "help" his patients by pedaling psychedelics. Either way, people who played through Grand Theft Auto V and attended all of Michael's therapy sessions know that there was a falling out with Dr. Friedlander. The therapist notes that he has gotten a TV and book deal and is therefore leaving Los Santos, but he will also be telling Michael's story under an alias. Michael is then allowed to let Friedlander go or kill him, ensuring his life of crime remains under wraps.

It would seem that Rockstar has decided that Dr. Friedlander being let go and getting to live a life of fame is the canonical option in Grand Theft Auto V. Now, who knows if Dr. Friedlander will make it out of this GTA Online update. There's a very good chance that you'll be tasked with killing him and then, it's likely that would be locked in as the canonical choice. Either way, it's great to see such a quirky character back in an even quirkier role.

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