GTA 6 Leaker Reveals How Big the Map Is

According to a well-known GTA 6 leaker, the new Grand Theft Auto game is going to be quite big. When Rockstar Games released GTA 5 in 2013, the game was lauded for many things, including its vast open world. Not only was GTA 5's open world big for the time, but it didn't sacrifice detail like so many other open world games of the same era. It was big and dense with detail. The same goes for Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, which was bigger and denser.  In fact, to this day, it's the most impressive open world to date. And it sounds like GTA 6 may be well on its way to being the next bar setter in the open-world genre. 

According to Matheusvictorbr, the map of GTA 6 is as large as the map in Red Dead Redemption 2, which is massive, especially when you add Guarma, a second, standalone map in the game. Interestingly, according to the leaker, GTA 6 will have a second, standalone map that will take players to the Caribbean, just like RDR2.

As for the primary map, the leaker claims it will be nothing more than Vice City, the series' fictional take on, and the neighboring areas of Florida. Whether this means, right outside of Vice City, or other Florida locations like Disney World, Key West, and the Everglades, isn't specified. 

All of that said, take everything here with a grain of salt. This is a rumor. The source in question notably leaked that there were two protagonists, one of which was female, long before it was widely reported. However, they have also seemingly been off the mark in the past as well. Further, even if everything here is accurate, it doesn't change the fact that it's also subject to change and thus may not stay accurate between now and when the final product is released. 


As for Rockstar Games, it's not commented on this rumor. It never comments on rumors so there's no reason to anticipate this changing, however, if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on the world's most anticipated game, click here.