GTA 6 Police Chase Gameplay Surfaces Online

The GTA 6 leaks are back and making the rounds.

Last year, an alpha build of GTA 6 leaked online revealing a metric ton of early footage of the game and information on the long-awaited release from Rockstar Games. At the time, Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two Interactive worked swiftly to take down these leaks. This, combined with the fact there was so much footage, meant many never saw the majority of the leaked footage. Fast-forward almost a year and this footage has been surfacing back online again. Take-Two Interactive is steadily working to remove it, but some of it remains up, including footage that shows off a police chase. 

It's important to remember the footage below represents a very early, developer build of the game. It's believed to be several years old and not representative of what the game looks like now, let alone how it will look when it releases. It's also important to note that while the footage below is up at the moment of publishing, this could very well change by the time you're reading this. 

In addition to showing a police chase that could hypothetically appear in some type of story or side mission, the footage features one of the game's two protagonists. In this case, it specifically features the game's female protagonist. For those that don't know, it appears the game will star two protagonists, one male and one female, who have been described as inspired by the famous criminal duo Bonny and Clyde.

Normally, we'd say take this media with a grain of salt because it's a leak but this footage is real. What's not clear is how different the game looks now compared to this very early build and what this police chase is for. In other words, is it the foundation for a mission in the game or just for the purpose of testing? We have no clue. 

The current expectation is that GTA 6 will release sometime in 2024 or 2025 via PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Meanwhile, there are rumors suggesting it will be revealed this year, likely sometime during the fall. Until this happens, this is the only footage we have of the highly-anticipated game.

H/T, GamingBible.